I enjoyed designing the lighting for this nightmare bedroom sequence in A Christmas Carole.
Gunnar Fischer at home, describing
how he shot
The Seventh Seal and
Wild Strawberries.
Jorgen Persson was DP for My Life as a Dog.  Here we are during production
Falsk Som Vaten (False Like Water), directed by Hasse Alfredsson.
A visual effects artist with real life lighting
and cinematography experience.
Here's a frame grab from my 16mm student documentary, Image Makers
in Swedish Cinema
.  It was an amazing experience being on set while
Sven Nykvist was shooting
The Sacrifice for Andrei Tarkovsky.  
Having a discussion about color with Conrad Hall.  
Nail color that is...  at the Beauty Bar in Hollywood
during a party after screening
"Welcome to Heck",
a short film I shot for Jim Call (center).
for Zathura sometimes the robot was the real prop made by Stan Winston Studios and
sometimes it was the CG version; and sometimes a mix of the two in the same shot.
I had textured the CG robot before lighting and comping him into these shots.  That's unusual
for a large company but it keeps things interesting.
At least you never burn
yourself on the
while lighting in the