The CG wolf was supposed to blend in with the statuary, then
leap up suddenly with the snow flying off when the boy steps over

The FX snow was done in Houdini and looked fantastic in
motion, but did not look convincing during the long time the wolf
sat still.

I painted some snow on a card in Maya so it tracks with the wolf
in the shot.  The wolf's movement is so abrupt that the transition
to the Houdini snow is pretty well concealed by motion blur.

Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe
In Amazing Spiderman there were some extreme close-ups of the Lizard character, which was entirely computer
generated.  The texturing on the model was great, but in these shots I provided a matte painting which was
projected on the model in order to get the level of detail needed.
There were also some transitions
where our computer generated
imagery had to blend with the special
prosthetic makeup done on set.
The foreground canyon geo is texture painted, while the midground and background mountains are matte paintings on cards
Lots of bleak Martian landscapes for Watchmen.